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Romero K-3 Kitchen Spotlight

This group of Nutrition Professionals is more than deserving to be highlighted in the first selection of the Spotlight. Congrats, Romero K-3 Team, for being selected for the first Spotlight of the 2022-2023 SY!

From L-R: Marisol, Jennifer, Hillary, & Julie.

Hillary Sauvageau, KM

Hillary joined the Nutrition Team nearly 11 years ago as a Roving KS1 (Sub) and has moved her way up the ladder to the incredible Kitchen Manager that she is today.

Not only does Hillary work tirelessly to ensure the scholars at Baby Bella are fed nutritious and delicious meals daily, but as the Interim KM at Big Bella, (Bella Romero 4-8), she oversees operations and provides expert guidance to the Nutrition Team, as well.

Needless to say, there isn’t much free time on Hillary’s hands, but when she does have pockets of time outside of work, she loves to volunteer and give back to her community. Hillary really enjoys being around people and making a difference in the lives of those around her.

Thank you for exuding so many positive vibes and helping to nourish the scholars of D6, Hillary!

Jennifer Webb, KS1

Jennifer joined our department after being a crossing guard at another school district, so she is well equipped with knowing how to keep our students safe; it’s just safety in the kitchen now!

Jennifer grew up in Minnesota and has fond memories of going to the Mall of America (WOW!) and enjoyed spending time with her family as they had many picnics around the beautiful lake.

It is nice to have someone so eager to learn their way around the kitchen and #FTK, as Jennifer does!

Marisol Parra Gonzalez, KS1

Marisol was a highly sought-after employee when she began looking for a permanent placement in our department (because word got out that she was a superstar!) and she did not spend a whole lot of time on the Roving Staff Board. Although Marisol started working in one elementary kitchen, she needed hours that better suited her student drop-off schedule, so we quickly found her a new “home” at Baby Bella and she has settled in very nicely!

Marisol’s most relatable movie is “Snow White” as she says she, “imagines herself being Snow White when she is at work and pictures all of the beautiful children, serving them lunch”, and feeling happy that she gets to do something that she really enjoys. Wow! I can envision Marisol in that picturesque role pretty clearly!

Thank you for bringing so much happiness to the Baby Bella Team and sharing that cheerfulness with the students, as well!

Julie Sebring, KS1

Julie is the newest member to join the hardworking Baby Bella Team. Julie began her nutrition services experience as a volunteer parent in the kitchen at Bella Romero 4-8. After someone informed her that our department was hiring and that she could get paid for the work that she was already doing, Julie applied and was quickly scooped up to fill the KS1 position at Bella Romero K-3.

Growing up, Julie began playing softball in 2nd grade, she then moved into a co-ed softball team, and eventually she coached softball until her late 30s. Give Julie a holler if you need an awesome addition or a fantastic coach this summer when you put your softball team together!

Julie’s positive disposition, helpful nature, and kindness toward everyone made for a very welcomed addition to our Nutrition Family and Baby Bella, in particular.

Because of the incredible individuals previously mentioned, the true teamwork that goes into successfully feeding the scholars at Baby Bella, and the cooperation of each person to allow and support Hillary to share her time between two schools, Bella Romero K-3 was selected as the November Kitchen Spotlight.

Hillary, Jennifer, Marisol, and Julie, I extend all of my gratitude to each of you for ensuring beautiful and nutritious meals are offered to every single student at Baby Bella. You are all wonderful role models for your peers and a fine example of what it looks like to “Lunch Lady” every day!

With Much Admiration,

Moranda Boles


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