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The Pantry is a food pantry initiative that envisons a school community without hunger, where everyone has access to enough food.

We serve as a "temporary food hub" for students and families facing difficulties, such as job losses, medical bills, or financial constraints.

Funded by local organizations, business, & Individuals

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The Success Foundation

The D6 Success Foundations helps to provide funding and support by organizing donations and other funding sources from the community through their Food4Success Campaign. 

How it Works

Steps to get food:
  • Parents or students can visit the front office of their school.

  • Designated personnel, such as Parent Liaisons, Counselors, Nurses, or School Administration, will assist families during school hours.

  • No paperwork or qualifications needed, just a genuine need.

  • Each visit allows for 1-2 bags of food per family.

  • Each school's pantry inventory may vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access the pantries?

Students and families of enrolled students can access the pantry at their respective school.

How can I help support The Pantry?

You can support us through donations to Food4Success campaing managed by the D6 Success Foundation. You can also support us by donating shelf-stable goods directly to the school of your choice.

Do I have to apply or qualify?

No, applications, paperwork, or other materials are not needed. There is no qualification to be eligible, you just must be a D6 Student or family member with a genuine need. No questions will be asked, but we may log anonymous details such as items taken to track success and implement improvements.

Do you work with other food banks?

We are trying to be self sufficient, only buying certain items that are on super sales at the supermarket. We have plans to incorporate working with local food banks later after we see the need and have more pantries up and running.

Why are sponsors needed?

Sponsors help us maintain and keep the shelves stocked during less popular timeframes, ensuring consistent support.

Why  put pantries in schools?

We are putting food pantries in our schools because we picture a school community in which hunger is eliminated and where all students and their families will never have to worry about not having enough food. We are a “temporary food hub” for our students and their families. When our students and their families go through rough times, a job loss, an unexpected medical bill or just needing a helping - we will be there for them with resources.

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