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Farm to School Month

October is here, which means it's the time when our school goes all out to celebrate Farm to School Month! This month is all about getting closer to our local farms and enjoying fresh, delicious food. We've got some fantastic events and activities lined up that will make October unforgettable.

Let's kick things off with a big crunch! From October 2nd to October 6th, our school, along with students and staff, will be munching on juicy apples from Rogers Mesa Fruit Co.

We're doing this during breakfast, lunch, and our Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP). Every bite is a crunchy step toward a healthier and happier school community.

On October 3rd, we're bringing the flavors of Colorado right to your lunch tray. It's Colorado Proud School Meal Day! Get ready to savor some mouthwatering Korean BBQ Bowls with a side of street corn. But that's not all; we're making it extra special by featuring:

  • Local beef from Ranch Foods Direct

  • Local quinoa from White Mountain Farm

  • Local sweet corn from Hoffman Farms

This meal isn't just about great taste; it's also about supporting our local farmers and making sure we have a food system that's good for us and the environment.

National School Lunch Week is the star of Farm to School Month, and we're making it a real blast with video game-inspired meals:

  • Tuesday (10/10) - Super Mario Day: Enjoy cheesy ravioli with marinara sauce, just like Mario's favorite meal!

  • Wednesday (10/11) - Minecraft Day: Feast on breaded chicken drumsticks - the perfect gamer fuel!

  • Thursday (10/12) - Pokemon Go Day: Grab some Rich's Pancake Balls and catch 'em all!

  • Friday (10/13) - Sonic the Hedgehog Day: Speed through lunch with a chili dog and corn on the cob!

As we enjoy all the amazing food and fun during Farm to School Month, let's not forget why we're doing this. It's all about supporting our local farmers, understanding where our food comes from, and making sure we have a healthy and sustainable future. So, let's dive into October celebrating the goodness of farm-fresh food and the connections it brings to our community!


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