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Romero 4-8 Kitchen Spotlight

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

This group of Nutrition Professionals is more than deserving to be highlighted in the first selection of the Spotlight. Congrats, Romero 4-8 Team, for being selected for the first Spotlight of the 2021-2022 SY!

From L-R: Blanca, Sonia, Michelle, Sam, & Cynthia

Although Michelle Sohler, Blanca De Avila, Sonia Placensia, and Sam Tafoya have over 36 years of service with D6 Nutrition Services, they have worked to provide nourishing meals to the scholars of Romero 4-8 for nearly two years together. Prior to this school year, a very important member of the Romero 4-8 Family, Martha Santiago, also worked diligently to ensure that the students were greeted with a caring smile and a friendly face. Unfortunately, Martha was taken from us over the summer, and Michelle, Blanca, Sonia, and Sam entered their kitchen at the beginning of the year feeling empty and somewhat confused in the absence of Martha.

Despite a major emotional obstacle, Michelle, Blanca, Sonia, and Sam encouraged one another, accepted each other’s sorrow, and allowed for personal healing without stumbling in the focus of their daily jobs, to #FTK.

After an acceptable amount of time, the 4-8 staff welcomed Cynthia Guzman to their family and they each are now finding their new daily routine.

Not only have the Romero 4-8 Nutrition Professionals had to approach this school year with heavy hearts, they often times lend an employee to another kitchen for the day, due to a staffing shortage. The generosity and thoughtful gesture to help another school operate smoothly show that the 5 employees who represent the Nutrition Department at Romero 4-8 have the same goal of feeding the kids in our district, while also understanding the importance of assisting their colleagues to make for a more manageable workday.

Michelle, Blanca, Sonia, Sam, and Cynthia, we are all proud of what you do for our department and exceptionally pleased to know that the scholars of Romero 4-8 are so well nurtured and fed daily. While Martha is not present at Romero 4-8, she remains a large part of the kitchen and will forever be a part of our Nutrition Family.

With Much Admiration,

Moranda Boles


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