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Danielle Bock, SNS


My name is Danielle Bock and I’ve been the Director of Nutrition Services for Greeley-Evans School District 6 for the last five years. I believe that great tasty nutritious food is a basic human right not a privilege. My best possible hope for every day in the Nutrition Services department is there any child looking for a nutritious meal during the school day has easy access to one. Those meals are served with dignity and smiles.

In addition to my job as director of Nutrition Services I also sit on the food leadership council for International Food Manufacturers Association, on the public policy and legislation committee for the School Nutrition Association (SNA), the governing council for the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, and I serve as a member of the equity team for both District 6 and SNA.

When I am not working towards food Equity in our community I enjoy riding bicycles being outside and cooking for my family. And when all that is done I’ll take a good book over TV any day.


Danielle Bock, SNS
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