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All Staff Training

For our February 6, 2023, Nutrition Services All Staff Training, we made 'recognition' and 'fun' the ultimate priorities. There was definitely a lot of learning and professional development going on. However, everyone was having such a blast, it didn't feel like a "regular old training." Here's how the day went down...

The entire D6 Nutrition Services team gathered at Greeley West High School to experience a morning full of the following:

  • Networking and Nourishment - breakfast items were all handmade and courtesy of the GWHS Catering Class!

  • Years of Service Recognition - whether employees have been with us one day or thirty years, EVERYONE was recognized for their service of feeding kids!

  • Team Building & Good Stories - everyone had the chance to speak with someone new and share their D6 'good stories'

  • The Price Is Right - just as cool as the TV game show with the added twist of providing inventory-related education!

  • Kitchen Olympics - a gymnasium full of engaging activities including- 5210+ success story sharing, portion control and inventory games, cup stacking challenge, Wellbeats and worksite wellness resources, and a photo booth

  • Reflection - we ended with reflecting on what we learned and benefited from throughout the morning!

There is no doubt that everyone was having a great time while also building their capacity as valuable and appreciated members of the Nutrition Services family.


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