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Monfort Elementary Kitchen Spotlight

Monfort Elementary is where school nutrition professionals go to learn how to engage students and decorate kitchens. Jennifer Cline-Bullock (Kitchen Manager), Shirley Keener (Kitchen Specialist 2), and Lanita McCumber (Kitchen Specialist 1) make up the fantastic kitchen team at Monfort Elementary.

From L-R: Lanita, Jennifer, & Shirley.

Together they have almost 20 years of experience with Nutrition Services. Jen and her team are well known for decorating for all holidays and, frankly, any excuse to put up incredible decorations. They are also well known for clever t-shirt designs and general good times within their kitchens.

Jennifer Cline-Bullock comes to Nutrition Services from a career in education; her skill in supporting and managing students in the lunchroom shows her experience working with students. Her demeanor and engagement with students allow her lunch room to be filled with smiles and laughter. Jen is also well known for her talent in cake baking and decorating, consistently wowing many with her unique flavors and beautiful designs.

Shirley Keener is Jen’s right-hand woman, consistently providing laughter and jokes to keep the kitchen in high spirits. Shirley is the person that helps keep a busy ship upright, providing her fair share of the preparing and cooking of the 330 daily meals for Monforts students each day.

Lanita McCumber is the glue that keeps the Monfort team rocking and rolling. With many years with Nutrition Services, Lanita has been at Montfort for the last two years but has fit in with Jen and Shirley well. Another joker and artistic soul, you will always find Lanita smiling and working hard to prepare and distribute FFVP and support wherever she is needed.

We are fortunate to have the successful team at Monfort that we do; they work with the school to create a great culture in the cafeteria and hallways. Thank you, Monfort Trailblazers!

- Cameron Herritt

Area Supervisor


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