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Jackson Elementary Kitchen Spotlight

Jackson Team, thank you for always giving your best, keeping a positive disposition, and maintaining an enthusiastic outlook during a normally very hectic workday. You are greatly appreciated and I value the incredible service that you give to the scholars of Jackson Elementary School, as well as the families of the Greeley-Evans School District!

From L-R: Martha, Monica, & Laura.

Monica Flores, KM

Monica started her time with D6 Nutrition Services four years ago as a Roving Employee and quickly found her home to be at Jackson Elementary. Monica settled into her Kitchen Manager role nicely and has become extremely efficient at cross-training her employees to work comfortably in all parts of kitchen operations, so the workday is smooth and well-organized.

Outside of work, Monica enjoys spending time with her husband and three adorable children! They like to vacation together and be outdoors having a good time. Camping and fishing are a couple of their favorite activities to do as a family, as well as exploring new things, like trying new foods, experiencing different kinds of arts and crafts, and just relaxing with good movies and interesting shows!

Monica is fortunate to have a large, supportive family and all of her family members are very important in her life.

Monica’s favorite part of her workday at Jackson Elementary is seeing the big smiles on the happy faces of children as they enter the cafeteria and kitchen area and Monica takes time to make sure that each child feels special, which creates a unique bond between them. Some of the students call Monica her “bestie”, which makes Monica’s heart overflow with love and happiness!

Martha Arrendondo, KS2

Martha is the most seasoned Nutrition Professional at Jackson Elementary, coming in with a respectful 22 years of service with D6 Nutrition Services!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!

Even with all of that time dedicated to school nutrition, Martha still finds time to enjoy herself outside of the kitchen. Martha loves to vacation in Mexico with her family and she really likes to shop for the newest trends! (Martha even makes her apron look fashionable!!)

Martha really likes all of the family gatherings that her family shares and she appreciates lots and lots of delicious food that everyone contributes to those gatherings.

Although Martha finds herself working short-staffed some days, she has used that experience to work quicker, while staying safe and efficient.

Growing up, Martha had plans to be a school teacher and she feels that she accomplished that goal, by working in the kitchen and showing all of the delightful scholars at Jackson Elementary that feeding a village is her special talent!

Laura Saenz Alarcon, KS1

Starting about 7 months ago, Laura is the newest member of the Jackson Team, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t contribute to her fair share of work assignments! With cross-training being a focus in this kitchen, Laura quickly learned many aspects of the operations in her first couple of weeks working with Monica and Martha.

Outside of the fast-paced kitchen, Laura enjoys walks in her neighborhood and gossiping with her mother. (Who better to trust gossip with, anyway??!) Laura hosts lots of BBQs in her nice backyard with a lot of her family members on the weekends. It’s like a mini-party and everyone has a great time making memories together!

Laura thoroughly enjoys cheering for her son who is on the wrestling team at Greeley West High School. Spending a fair amount of time traveling to wrestling tournaments is not unusual for the Alarcon Family.

The best part of Laura’s workday is seeing the happy children at Jackson and many of them call her “pretty” and tell her that she is their favorite “Lunch Lady”. Those are both compliments that really fill Laura up with cheerfulness and lots of joy!

Along with hopes to visit Spain one day, Laura is working to improve her English and plans to take classes to become fluent and more comfortable communicating in English with those around her.

When Laura was a little girl, she wanted to be a TV news anchor, but I’m thrilled that she landed in Greeley and found her special spot with the Jackson Elementary Lunch Lady Team! Laura is eager to learn more and continue building relationships with the scholars and coworkers, as well as the Jackson Elementary staff!

It is my pleasure to continue working with Monica, Martha, and Laura. My visits to the Jackson Kitchen always greet me with good vibes and an overall cheery environment.

With Much Admiration,

Moranda Boles


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